Get business going with flyers and cards

Flyers and cards are among the most widely used means of communication in offline marketing: On the one hand, they can be printed in large quantities at low cost, and on the other hand, thanks to their versatility for all types of business, especially those aimed at end customers. Due to their small size, flyers and cards can be distributed quickly and inexpensively – even over a large area – either by door-to-door distribution or via the postal delivery service.

There are numerous opportunities to advertise your business using flyers and greeting and invitation cards: The spectrum ranges from information material for trade fairs and conferences via product sheets that are on display in a store, to special promotions.

Flugblätter und Flyer

Flyers and cards are the perfect communication tool if you want to get a message across quickly and effectively, but they must be carefully prepared: One of the Skipping planning phases is absolutely taboo.

Creation of an effective flyer in four steps

What are the basic steps in creating a perfect flyer that you can use to communicate optimally with your target group?

1. Choice of format and paper type

First, you need the flyer format to choose the one that best suits your needs. Choose a larger format (A3 or A4) if you want to include a description of an event, product or service. On the other hand, a smaller size (DIN A5 or DIN A6) is sufficient for advertising for a discount or other advertising campaign, as short descriptions are sufficient for this purpose. You can also decide whether only the front or the back of the flyer should be printed: We recommend using both sides of the flyer so that you can arrange the texts more clearly and use legible fonts.

With regard to paper type and grammage, you must first determine the purpose of the flyer: is it only required for a specific advertising campaign or should it be used over a longer period of time? Other factors that need to be considered are the distribution modalities (hand-to-hand distribution, mailing, display distribution) and the message you want to convey. For example, a luxury hotel should choose a fine paper in line with its image.

2. Choice of layout and images

Another essential step in creating a flyer that makes a lasting impression is the choice of the design and the photos that accompany the text. When choosing these items, it is important to consider what type of business or activity is being promoted and who will be the target audience. A gym, for example, may choose a more colorful design than a dental office, whose flyers should be kept soberer. In any case, a red thread that runs through all selected graphic and text elements of the flyer makes sense: colors, font, images and texts must be in harmony with one another and convey a uniform message.

Beispiele verschiedener Karten

3. Text creation

It is also important to pay close attention to the content and its arrangement within the flyer. Because space is limited, you need to write short, concise texts – use simple and direct language. Include short titles, use a few keywords to clarify and summarize the content of the flyer: This will grab the attention of the reader in a hurry.

Do not forget to add a call-to-action at the end of the text, which explains exactly what the recipient must do now: they will receive a free consultation if he makes an appointment within a certain period; he benefits from discounts when he visits the store; he can attend a briefing and so on.

4. Correction run

Before you put your flyer into print, you must carefully examine your design so that any errors can be corrected and missing information added. Usually, texts and graphics have to be checked several times, whereby a few days should pass between the individual correction runs so that you can read everything again with a fresh look.

Promotion for a company in the health and beauty industry

Are you in the health and beauty industry active and run a beauty center, a dental practice or a practice for aesthetic medicine, you can use flyers and cards for different purposes.

Show the range of services

When choosing a particular cosmetic or medical treatment, it is of vital importance that the customer fully understands the methods and key benefits. It is therefore worth creating flyers that explain the various types of services in detail: advantages, time frames, conditions for the procedure, prices and possible contraindications.

Promote special offers

By sending postcards, beauty centers and practices for aesthetic medicine can communicate their offers in an original way. In the run-up to Christmas, for example, you can throw cards with Christmas greetings in the house mailboxes in the vicinity of your beauty salon and lure them with a special discount on gift certificates for friends and relatives as Christmas presents.

Promotion für ein Unternehmen der Gesundheits- und Schönheitsbranche

Increase visibility

Participation in trade fairs and other events by means of a stand and sponsoring is extremely important for those involved in the wellness and cosmetics sector: Printed individual flyers and cards can increase the effectiveness of your presence immensely. If you take part in events or a meeting that is also open to the public, you can get flyers with a discount code to give recipients a discount on treatment in your salon or spa.

Expand customer base

Events such as an open day, an aperitif, an information event or a workshop are useful marketing tools for strengthening the reputation of a doctor’s practice or beauty clinic and offer the opportunity to attract new potential patients to your own premises. Try to give something to the visitors – make them interested.

Get business going with flyers and cards

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