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Woodland Animal Themed First Birthday

I still can’t believe my baby is one, but we had a great time planning and throwing this woodland animal themed first birthday party!

I still can’t believe my baby is one, but we had a great time planning and throwing this woodland animal themed first birthday party!

G really loves animals, so the woodland animal theme seemed perfect and fit great with our venue. We had it at The Old School Nashville. If you are a Nashville resident or visiting you must check this place out. It’s a fully restored historic schoolhouse, that also has a barn space (where we had the party), a speakeasy style music venue space, and indoor and outdoor dining. The Old School gives back to the community and employs adults with intellectual disabilities. Everything is farm to table, and uses products from a 10 mile radius of the farm. It’s just a really special place.

We were able to find adorable woodland animal themed invites… you can see find them HERE. Minted has been my go to for all paper products lately. This was actually a baby shower invite, but they were able to tweak the design to make it for a birthday party. We got the matching thank you notes as well. They save your addresses and you can easily click the ones you want and add them on the envelopes for free! (This saves sooo much time!!)

The food for the event was provided by Milk and Honey Food Company. Alex, the owner, is a dear friend of mine. She is also charity driven, and with each order she provides meals to local families in need. Her food is (almost) as amazing as her sweet heart!

With the help of my friend Chelsea (check out Chelsea Rochelle Photography) on the florals, and my parents, all the decor was a labor of DIY love. (Besides the adorable highchair banner… that was provided by Pretty Little Clippie. Her designs are just adorable.

My dad built the frame for behind the food table. To make moss letter, I purchased each individual letter, sprayed adhesive on them and then covered them with bag moss. We used fishing line to hang the letters from the frame.

I was overwhelmed with all the love we felt for G on his birthday. We are SO thankful to have friends and family that love him so much. I’m a true believer that it takes a tribe to raise a child, and we have some of the best out there guiding us and pitching in.

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