20 Week Pregnancy Update- Halfway There!

I can’t believe we are halfway to meeting our new little boy! I’ve been so busy chasing after Georgie and keeping up with everyday life that time flew by this go around!

With G I had several issues, and generally didn’t feel well the entire time. This pregnancy has gone much smoother, and besides the normal first trimester sickness it’s been easy sailing.

Last pregnancy I bought very few maternity items. I typically try to pick clothes that I can wear again post pregnancy. So far I am still in my regular jeans, but I am loving being comfortable!

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love my robe. I wear it so much my nephew came to the door one time and I was in street clothes. He instantly looked at me confused and asked, “Where’s your robe?” Well, this duster feels just like a robe!! It’s one of those pieces that every time you wear it people ask where you got it. It’s so comfy and will be so cute with denim cut offs and a blouse or t-shirt this summer. I paired it with some heels to take the look up a notch, but it would be just as cute with some comfy sneakers.

This vintage distressed shirt is from Starstruck Vintage in Nashville. They have the best vintage graphic band shirts! If you aren’t in Nashville, you can shop it here.

I hope everyone has a great rest of your week!

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